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The Mother


My child moved for the first time on Friday the thirty first of July at half past ten in the evening; since then he has moved very often, to my great joy. I need not tell my mother how much each movement increases my happiness- Marie Antoinette to Empress Maria Theresa, 1778

I have always accustomed my children to have great confidence in me, and, when they have done wrong, to tell me themselves; and then, when I scold them, this enables me to appear pained and afflicted rather than angry. I have accustomed them to regard ‘yes’ or ‘no’ once uttered by me as irrevocable, but I always give them reasons for my decisions, suitable to their ages…. -Marie Antoinette to her children’s governess, Madame de Tourzel

My enemies are all those who would bring harm to my children.-Marie Antoinette 

My son has no idea of rank in his head and I would like to continue: our children always find out who they are anyway.-Marie Antoinette to Madame de Tourzel

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    Even in the course of our acquaintance here on Tumblr, I’ve kept up my old ways admirably. You’re delusional, my dear...
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    Tarleton, you obviously don’t know Danton well enough.
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